Friday, March 01, 2013

Fashion Photography Kit - Introduced

We are often asked how to take clothing pictures using a model or mannequin?

We have just introduced a Fashion and Clothing Photography Kit.  Although we have had for some time a popular kit that works great for shooting flat or folded clothing, that kit was not the best for shooting clothing on models or mannequins.  Our new kit is specifically for shooting clothing or accessories on a model or mannequin.  This is our first kit which includes strobe (flash) lights.  In the past we had been reluctant to introduce a kit with strobe lights since it requires a camera with a hot shoe. But cameras with hot shoes have really dropped in price. So after being asked by our friend Susan Pitcher, who owns the clothing stores Dressed and Ready in Montecito, California if we could put together an inexpensive and simple kit so her employees, who weren't trained photographers, could easily take quality images of the designer clothing she sells, we accepted the challenge.  The result is our new Fashion and Clothing Photography Kit.

You can see for yourself how great the kit works.

The kit is super simple to set up or to take down and store.  And it allows anyone with a camera that has a hot shoe* to take awesome clothing photos that looks like they were taken with a much more expensive setup. 

So if you have were asking yourself, " How do I take fashion photos on a budget"? We now have the answer: The TableTop Studio Fashion and Clothing Photography Kit for only $435 is an inexpensive way for inexperienced photographers to take top quality fashion photos.

*(A hot shoe is the metal connector on top of a camera that looks like this.)